Studio FOUR

Studio Four is an exclusive recording studio run by multi-ARIA Award winning singer/songwriter and producer Damien Leith. 

Damien has released 8 studio albums and is signed to Sony Music. Studio Four was established in 2012. 

Studio Four has worked with countless signed and un-signed artists, including: 

Marlisa (Sony Music, X-Factor Winner) Bella Ferraro (Sony Music), Will Singe (The Collective, Sony Music), Ciaran Gribbon (INXS), Andy Brown (Canadian Singer/Songwriter), Chris Rose (Sony Music), Diana Rouvas (The Voice Australia), Tim Chaisson (Canadian Singer/Songwriter), Jamie McDell (NZ Singer/Songwriter), Jess Chalker (We are the Brave), Kevin Kelly (Drumkins) Dean Lewis and more. 

'I love all aspects of music, especially creating and performing it. I built StudioFour for my own songwriting and production projects in 2012 - since then it's seen countless artists walk through it's humble doors and we've created incredible music along the way'. 

'My main goal with any project is to get the best out of the artist, to experiment with sounds and ideas, look closely at arrangements and lyrics and ultimately to create something that's honest. I prefer the more organic raw recordings; love anything from pop to indi/folk to rock and I'm happy to roll up my sleeves and lay down instrument tracks myself - that's what music is all about, getting involved and feeling the vibe off the sounds you're creating' says Damien Leith.